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Is your health pulling down your career and life goals?

Regular Exercise will help you to maintain a fit body, Meditation will help you to relieve stress, and quitting unhealthy habits will help you to maintain a stress free healthy body and mind ,Only by that you can achieve the career as well as family goals

Importance and how to strike a balance in life with career.

The flexibility of maintaining career and life is always a work of art. The important fact to maintain both are the skill of time management. A person should practice a good time management skill to overcome the unbalanced work- life .

What is healthy eating and how to measure it in real time

It is defined as the choice of eating foods with balance of nutrients. Protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and other necessary things .A Diet chart, BMI Counter, Food calculator, Portion size plate Weighing Machine will help you to measure it in mean time

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