Why do we get sugar or carb cramp and how do we maintaining by controlling mind.

Often a person who is stopped from eating certain foods are pushed by brain for a reason to crave it.

Always avoid control mind by understanding and taking the issue seriously, one needs introspect the issue rather than push it away saying it is something that I am assuming.

So always take your mind as a friend who is trying to warn you something that is going internal and not like an enemy.

It once happened that a person was dreaming eating cake so real that she woke up during night and started crying as it could have broken Ketosis. The reason is brain often sends signals to say that, I need these things in some weird dream, it just was a dream to alert the person to drink water during night because of dehydration.

So never ignore signs of brains and dreams but introspect to understand what is going on and respect its temptation like your own friend trying to warn you of something going inside.