Badam Pisin and Its benefits

Badam pisin could be a common gum gotten from sweet almond tree. The botanical title of sweet almond tree is Prunus Dulcis.

Numerous thinks that badam gum is obtained from Indian badam tree but it isn’t. Indian badam tree whose botanical title is Terminalia Catappa does not create any gum. Badam pisin is either colorless, pale yellow or light brown in colour and looks like little rocks.

Badam Pisin may be a characteristic gum that has astonishing wellbeing benefits from helping weight loss to decreasing body warm. It turns into a jelly kind of substance when soaked in water and is utilized within the drinks.

Badam pisin is composed of almost 92.3% carbohydrates, 0.8% of fats and 2.4%of proteins. It is rich in minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron.

Badam pisin commonly known as

Badam pisin is having numerous names among market

It’s Known as Badam gum or Almond Gum in English

Badam Gondh in Hindi.

Badam gum called Badam Pisin in Tamil.

Badam pisin is used in jigarthanda ( One of the famous drink in tamilnadu)

How badam pisin taken from the tree

Sweet almond tree overflows out the gum and you’ll discover it all over the trunk and branches of the tree. The gum oozes out as little tear drops and after that they collect together to create huge masses.

 When it to begin with overflows out, it’ll be nearly jelly like and with time it solidifies like a rock.

Usually, badam pisin is collected amid harvest time as it were from more seasoned sweet almond trees.

Collection of badam gum decreases the number of takes off and blooms the tree produces so badam gum is collected as it were from more seasoned trees.

 Badam pisin is more often than not rejected of the tree branches with a sharp cut, on the off chance that the badam pisin is new you’ll fair evacuate it along with your hands as well.

 Badam pisin Jelly/Jam

It is so simple to create badam jelly at domestic.

Take 1 badam pisin and Drench that badam pisin in a container of water for 24 hours.

Only that One little piece will abdicate a glass of jelly , it swells up very well well.

I moreover discover that splashing for 24 hours gets of perfect texture.

How to buy badam pisin

You’ll effortlessly purchase badam pisin in all the stores, also from online market.

Badam pisin stores well for months together is kept absent from dampness.

Badam Pisin can moreover be requested effortlessly through offline/online shops.

What all are the health benefits of badam pisin

Badam pisin is an astounding fixing to incorporate in a weight loss count calorie.

Badam pisin Helps in lose weight .

For utilizing badam pisin for helping weight loss, some individuals recommend that badam pisin can offer assistance pick up weight.

Badam Pisin is exceptionally exceptionally alleviating on the stomach and is an astounding domestic cure for diminishing corrosiveness and stomach ulcers. For the cure, blend badam pisin jelly with coconut drain sweetened with jaggery and expand. Coconut drain is additionally exceptionally compelling for diminishing both sharpness and stomach burn.

Badam Pisin has to bacterial and wound mending properties making it exceptionally good for for skin care.

Badam pisin when connected on the skin remotely has cooling and mending properties.

Badam pisin jelly can be connected remotely as a poultice to treat warm bubbles amid summers exceptionally successfully.

Badam Pisin is an astonishing antioxidant and when expanded routinely makes a difference battle off the free radicals that causes untimely maturing. Badam pisin is additionally wealthy in minerals and protein making it a perfect replacement for jelly sold within the markets. Badam pisin jelly is additionally free of color, cheaper than store bought jelly and does not have any added substances.

Badam Pisin may be a wonderful common body coolant and could be a perfect fixing to utilize amid burning summers to keep the body cool. If you’re a individual who endure over the top body warm (ruddy eyes, burning sensation within the body are a few of the side effects) this characteristic gum will work well to induce freed of it.

Badam pisin is utilized to extend the rack life of tomatoes. When tomatoes are coated with almond gum it makes a difference holds the solidness, color and ascorbic corrosive substance for a long time. Badam pisin is additionally utilized as a coating for banana chips whereas drying. In case coated it avoids cell devastation of banana cuts and incredibly decreases browning of the banana slices. Since badam pisin has hostile to bacterial properties it utilized to protect meat. Oligosaccharides extracted and decontaminated from badam pisin has exceptionally great hostile to microbial properties so it is utilized for protecting meat meat. Badam pisin is additionally broadly utilized in pharmaceutical industry. It is utilized both as a folio and as a discharge retardant in tablet definitions.

Recipes with badam pisin

Most of the badam pisin recipes are very tasty yet healthy.

According to your personal preference you can make it

Some of the recipes are



Ice cream

And so many other cool drinks