Basics of healthy routine

Health and wellness goals are highly connected with your career and mind goals.

Health goals are divided as follows

  1. Is your health pulling down your career and life goals? Introspect it.
  2. What are body vitals and how is it connected to health goals
  3. 5 important sub or short term goals that will transform your life
    1. Eating right
    2. Count the carbo intake in a day
    3. Health apps and understanding how to use it
    4. Sleeping well techniques and avoiding snoring
    5. Exercise moderately and simple breathing techniques
  4. Developing a proper routine in life
  5. Importance and how to strike a balance in life with career, fun and family
  6. What is healthy eating and how to measure it in real time
  7. Gadgets required to measure your health goals and how to use them
  8. Weight management and specific health condition management
  9. Keto diet and intermittent fasting overview and importance
  10. How simple exercise helps you boost AMPK for staying young and vibrant