Deleting unwanted memory imprints with NLP which are holding back

We all have bad memories and always wished that we just forget that and move on. However the impact of these memories could be impacting your body as well “Health and Wellness” too. These bad memories certainly may not be directly impacting our regular routines directly but could be holding us back from becoming healthy.

This exactly the reason we need to delete unwanted memories, which are stopping us from building a healthy life style. These memories will relate some subconscious level decision from the memory imprint we had long time ago and prevent us from moving forward.


So unwanted memories are there with all of us; however one needs to discover them and delete them for their own good. So the process of two steps

  1. a) Discover bad and limiting memories(re-imprinting)
  2. b) Delete the bad memory chunks and vision so that it doesn’t limit you.


Finding and removing memories that we do not like helps our health and well-being.