Keto coaching intro

Dear friends…

This is Santhosh,

I am a keto coach.

This short video will emphasise the importance of a keto coach as much as your Keto dietitian and doctor …

A dietitian and doctor, takes care of your body vitals and ensures a proper diet regime

where as …

keto coach …motivates you through…out diet regime ..

He helps you understand the changes you are going through

Doctors and dietitians gives you proper do’s and don’ts based on your specific health condition

They restrict Keto Diet for people with Type 1 diabetics and special health conditions

There could be various reasons you chose a keto diet

It could be IBS,

or even to keep your blood sugar level under control,

or some people would just like to scale down and transform their body.

Whatever the reasons they may have…

Keto coach can help you effectively take forward the regime you ..have been asked to follow.

He can suggest you tips .. new recipes .. and health accessories for improving your experience.

Keto diet is all about replacing foods you eat with right ones

and not displacing it.

I’ve helped people exactly like you – smart and ambitious – maintain Keto diet regime and life style. I can help you to understand various changes undergoing in your body and keep you motivated throughout the diet regime. I will be working along with a dietician and doctor to build your Keto Life Style a Success. Get in touch with me through the contact form and we will take it forward from there.