Clearly understand Keto side-effects and counter them

At first, your body tends to react sharply to the new diet you have adapted…

The brain complaints and urges you to include more carbos in your food at the beginning, It signals hunger

For most people this turns out to be a stressful situation and they might have to go through slight fever and fatigue

Commonly called the Keto Flu, Keto Flu has Flu like symptoms ,but a doctor’s advice is essential to keep your vitals on tab

Most people tend to drop Keto dieting at this stage fearing that something is really ..reallywrong ..with their dieting

This is because they might not be getting right advices ..and health directives during the Keto diet

Unfortunately they just switch back to their old ways of eating and give up all together during Keto Flu.

This is where a Keto Coach come in…if you came across Keto Flu, then He will congratulate you! Because – you are dieting right, welcome to new Keto life style During Keto Flu you just need to stay focused, hydrated and get health check-ups and be motivated…Generally Keto flu vanishes in a day or two. after that you will no longer have the cravings of sweets or carbos.

you are in Ketosis stage now, This means .. your lever has started producing Ketone bodies in your blood and your brain have started functioning on it much more effectively than Carbo hydrates and so are your muscle tissues working on the fat reserves.

It is a brand new lifestyle altogether where your body burns fat instead of carbo hydrates for energy.

You will be reducing your weight while eating food and even while sleeping

All without dieting Hungry.